Pula – 3.000 years old beauty is the largest Istrian town. Visiting Pula means traveling through time. The city is a colourful collage of countless periods and belonging architecture, that is proud of prehistorical findings, excellently preserved Roman amphitheatre, Temple of Augustus, city walls, the largest site of amphoras in the world, mayn medieval churches and monasteries, palaces, castles, elegant Venetian and Austro-Hungarian architecture, superb offer of food and wine in it`s many restaurants, rich museums, galleries, concerts, exciting night life and many other attractions.

Rovinj – one of the most attractive and most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean, radiates with unique beauty that attracts visitors from the whole world. Beautiful stone paved streets, above which are closely built houses and palaces with traditional stone balconies and terraces on the top, Renaissance walls, splendid churches, street galleries, numerous restaurants offerinf sea food and the view on endless blue decorated with 22 islands make Rovinj one of the most famous world destinations.

Poreč – old Colonia Iulia Parentium, with it`s 2.000 years of vivid past, today is must see location. Beautiful old placaes, famous Euphrasius basilica and many other preserved historical sights, farfamed vineyards, numerous night clubs, bars and concerts under the sky, offer excellent all night fun, while numerous galleries are proud of their particular art works transforming Poreč in the summer pulse of Istria.

Svetvincenat – picturesque embodiment of romantic medieval period is found on every postcard of Istria. Small stone jewel is a home of the beautiful Renaissance castle Grimani, valuable churches and lovely medieval buildings are making one of the most beautiful Istrian squares. Svetvincenat is the location of the famous Dance and Non-verbal Theatre Festival, concerts and the Medieval Festival with splendidly costumed revival of medieval life of the rea through knight tournaments, fairs and games.

Brijuni – unreal beauty of the islands is revealed through almost 700 spieces of plants, about 250 types of birds, mild Mediterranan balmy climate, dinosour tracks, ancient findings of passed centuries and elegant luxurious architecture of old aristocracy. Old fashionable resort today is dedicated to the ones searching for a place of perfect harmony of Nature and Men.

Motovun – noted city, a monument itself, located on the top of a high hill, have kept it`s present look from the 12th century. Surrounded with vineyards and olive groves, lush forest rich with truffles, green river Mirna, with magnificent views that spread for miles, is a living medieval postcard of architectural beauties. Motovun is a must destination of world celebrities, not just for it`s architectural values, but also for gastronomic delights. During summer, it becomes the home of Motovun Film Festival and many other events.

Lim Channel – green bay 10 km long, known for it`s beauty and historical findings. It is protected as a nature reserve with shell and fish farm in the clear sea. On seabed of the bay even today are located many preserved Roman and medieval objects. Romuald`s Cave is a valuable Paleolithic finding site and speleological phenomenon.

Dvigrad – medieval city abandoned long time ago, is one of the most preserved European finding sites, it was inhabitated in the prehistory. It`s walls, remains of the castle, church, houses, are telling about the times that passed a long time ago and and gentle touch of Time which have decided to keep it for some other future visitors.