Krnica – activites

Krnica is also an excellent place for combining both relaxational and active holidays.
In the nerby port there is an excellently equipped diving centre which discovers old sunken ships, spectacular underwater caves, cliffs, the thrill of night diving and the splendour abundance of life for beginners and experienced divers.
East coast of Istria offers the diversity of beaches and crystal clear sea. The untouched coast reveals peaceful coves with gentle pebbles, fresh cliffs bathed with waves and pure whitness of smooth stone crowned with aromatic woods.
With it`s numerous coastal and forest paths, this area is great for mountaing biking, long relaxational walks, horse riding, but also as a starting point for excursions at discovering the magical Istria.

Krnički Porat – lovely port that radiates with timeless tradition of fishermen`s virtues. Always fresh fruits of the big blue, engirded with liquid gold of olive oil and good Istrian wine, are a perfect experience located in the genuine coulisse of the white stone, green macchia and crystal clear sea. The well kept secret, known only to natives and experienced gastronomic connoisseurs.

Underwater – fascinating peace of the underwater reveals secrets of old sunken ships, temples of Nature`s architecture, glorious abundance of Adriatic flora and fauna, in all imaginable colours and shapes. Local diving center is an expert guide for beginners and advanced divers. Modernly equipped, it will reveal the multilayered beauty of this part of the world, through many underwater locations, in daily exploration locations and the exciting night divings.